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“This is the best treatment I have ever found for those rotten PMS symptoms that doesn't make me want to take a nap, it's all natural, and it works within minutes. I can take a Tbsp. or two , relax for five, and feel like a new woman. The taste is strong but I dilute it with a bit of water. It will always be stocked in my medicine cupboard!” 

By Carrie (Hailey , ID) - LuckyVitamin.com

“Best stuff out there. I simply recommend this product to everyone I know. It balances the hormones with no side effects. Taste is nothing compared to the PMS relief along with other hormonal symptoms. Do your body a favor and get balanced with Contessa!”

By KamperKEL -  Vitacost.com

“For my cramps this was the only thing that worked! I have given it to my friends to try and they had the same results! Just a warning though, this tonic tastes horrible, but it is well worth the relief!”

By njgirl1884 – Amazon.com

“I found this item being promoted for pms symptoms, depression and other symptoms. I tried it and I think I like it! It knocks you back on the first tablespoon because it tastes strong like pure alcohol or something, but for someone like me that doesn't really drink alcohol, it was powerful. It recommends 2 tablespoons; I took one and I noticed that within a half an hour to an hour, my mood was better and lighter. I still haven't noticed any changes in cramping or bloating, but it seems to enhance my mood whenever I'm feeling down... it's just a small observation, though... I have to continue my own testing at different times and moods to be able to comment more. But it was worth the try!”

By Linda  - LuckyVitamin.com

“Excellent product! I enjoy it!”

By Maria - LuckyVitamin.com

“Excellent product. This was prescribed fro me and it really makes a difference… My doc has quite a few patients who use and love this product. It really helps even out your system.”

By mama2 -  Vitacost.com