How Contessa Works

Contessa includes a combination of natural and herbal ingredients including mint, chamomile, valerian and more. These ingredients work synergistically to yield this wonderful product.

You do not need to let Contessa “build up” in your system in order to receive its benefits. Contessa works very quickly and effectively. Women have even reported instant effects.

Contessa is a safe and nontoxic option with zero-risk and no side effects. It can even be used in conjunction with SSRIs or ibuprofen (always consult your doctor before incorporating new health choices).

Why choose Contessa / Homeopathy?


• Indications for Temporary Relief of PMS, Fatigue, Mental and Physical Exhaustion, Depression, and Irritability.
• Provides support for the female reproductive system.
• Balances and Maintains healthy hormonal functions.
• Female tonic for women of all ages - popular for over 60 years in Germany.
• All natural, has no side effects.

History of this Remedy

For over 60 years this homeopathic remedy has been one of the most popular female tonics in Germany. According to homeopathy, this remedy increases circulation in female organs and intestinal tract. It promotes hormonal balance, strengthens the cardio-vascular system and calms the nerves.

High quality, all-natural ingredients.